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Women's Wax Services

Face Wax

Eyebrow Scuplting

Consult, Wax, Trim & Tweeze


Lip & Brow Wax

(The Duo Wax) Matching brows to perfectly fit your face plus the added bonus of a lip wax!


Lip, Brow & Chin Wax

Three in one


Lip & Chin Wax

Because Hormones Suck


Chin Wax

You guessed it! All the hair on your Chinny, Chin, Chin


Upper Lip Wax

Get your stiff upper lip with our Hard Wax


Pre-Teen Brow Wax (11-14 Years old)

Simple brow waxing, middle and underneath.    Just clean up and a natural soft shape.


Side's Of The Face


Full Face Wax


From the Neck Down

Women's Nape Wax

Hate those baby hairs on the back of your neck?  Does it bother you when you pull up your hair and have to bobby pin every single piece?


Full Arm Wax

(Arm yourself when life gets overwhelming)  Beginning right below the shoulder, extending down to the wrist.


Half Arm Wax - upper or lower

For lower arms: from the elbow, and down the wrist.  

For upper arms: from top of the shoulder to elbow.




Women's Full Back

From the top of the shoulders to the lower back, right above the panty line.


Women's Lower Back

Mostly for that stubborn patch of peach fuzz on the lower back.


Women's Full Stomach

Starting just below the girls, we smooth your stomach from side to side, extending to the top of your pelvis.


Womens Happy Trail

Belly button to bikini line.  If you find yourself a little fuzzy above your bikini line but not completely blanketed, this was is a quick fix.


From the Waist Down


De-fuzz the tops of your feet.


Women's Full Leg Wax

Both legs are fully waxed from your hips to your ankles.


Women's Half Leg - upper or lower

You choose... go high or go low. 

Lower leg (knee to toes) or Upper leg (above the knee to the bikini line.


Toe Wax

Do the little guys need to hit the market?  Let us clean them up!


Women's Front Brazilian Wax

Completely removing the hair from the front and pelvis area , leaving it totally bare.  When getting a front Brazilian you can expect to lay on your back with your legs bent, feet together, as if you're in butterfly.


Bikini Wax


Women's Full Brazilian Wax

(Everything Must Go!)  Both hard and soft wax are used! 

Now, this is where things get up close and personal.  Full frontal wax from top to bottom.  Now in order to reach the behind - a.k.a your butt crack- your technician will take one of two routes.  You'll either hold one leg up at a time so that a quick strip can be ripped or you will flip over on all fours so the technician can do a better job.  Hope you're not shy!


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