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SkinSheek Imperfection Treatment


Skin Sheek is a non-invasive treatment using high frequency to treat minor skin irregularities without penetrating the surface of the skin. Results in 1-2 treatments. ​

What is a SkinSheek treatment?

Skin Sheek is an esthetic device designed to treat minor skin irregularities. A small probe is used to barely touch the skin and regulates the application of high frequency, radio wave currents directly on the skin’s surface. Treating pigmentation the affected area dries, creating a very small crust that heals and flakes off in 3-12 days and heals in approximately 7-10 days.  

Capillaries you will see immediately after treatment that blanching occurs. Day 2 or 3 the color may come back as this is the dehydrated tissue. As the material is absorbed into the body results will continue. Light scabbing may occur as blanched areas heal.

 Results will continue to improve as it scabs and heals revealing smooth skin. Treatments take only a few seconds for each spot and results are instantaneous for many conditions. Clients describe their pain level as a 1- 3 on a scale of 1-10 and equate the sensation to a very quick stinging which dissipates quickly when the probe is lifted. This non-invasive treatment eliminates the need for costly laser procedures and can easily be added on to your existing lash or facial appointment.


Broken Capillaries (Face and Body) 


Cherry Angiomas 

 Cholesterol Deposits


 Skin Tags

Sebaceous Hyperplasia 

 Age/Sun Spots

Acne/Blackheads/Pimples Milia


Are you a Candidate?

Please let us know if you have any of the following:

  • Pregnant
  • On Accutane within the last 6 months
  • Have a pacemaker or any electronic device implanted
  • Severe Allergy to Nickel

  • High Blood Pressure (anticoagulants may affect treatment)

  • Heart Condition


Service Treatment:

$50 1-2 spot treatment

$81 3-6 spot treatment


Large/Detailed irregularities (generally larger than a dime) are typically treated in 15-minute treatment sessions or may equal to two or more spots. Capillaries can be stubborn and may require more than one treatment. Most clients are extremely pleased after the initial treatment.

All appointments include a consultation to determine the best treatment plan and final pricing prior to treatment.

Some skin irregularities may need to be diagnosed and cleared by a doctor prior to treatment.


Treatments are quick with little to no discomfort. However, we realize some areas are more sensitive than others and everyone's pain tolerance is different. If you prefer topical numbing, it will need to be applied for 20 minutes prior to treatment. There is a $20 charge if the topical anesthetic is desired (Add 'TOPICAL ANESTHETIC' to your booking).


1 week before treatment

Avoid sun exposure and tanning. Sunburned areas will not be treated.

All skin irritants must be stopped (glycolic/salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide, retinol products such as Retin A, Tazorac, Triluma, Differin and Vitamin C) on the area that is being treated.

Advise staff when taking antibiotics. Certain antibiotics (Tetracycline, Doxycycline) can make your skin photosensitive.

2 weeks before treatment

Avoid Botox 2 weeks prior to treatment

*Advise staff of current medications including antibiotics. Certain antibiotics (i.e. Tetracycline and Doxycycline) can make your skin photosensitive)​


DO NOT PICK!!! This may cause hyperpigmentation or scarring

  • If the area is still red/irritated by the end of the day, apply a cold compress for 10 minutes then moisturize with Eminence Rosehip and Lemongrass Repair Balm.

When to use  Repair Balm:

  • Wait for 24hrs until crust occurs. Then apply a very thin layer of the Repair Balm 2-3 times daily until healed or pink is gone. This may be used up to 4-6 weeks or longer if desired.
  • If skin tags or fibromas were treated, do not apply Repair Balm until the lesions fall off. Then begin Repair Balm 2-3 times daily until healed.
  • Post-treatment skin will be pink and very sensitive. Downtime (crusting) is approximately 7-10 days. 
  • Capillaries may take up to 14 days.
  • Do not apply makeup, creams, lotions, oils or essential oils for 24-48 hours to the treated area
  • Avoid steam rooms, vigorous exercise or hot tubs for 24-48 hours following treatment
  • Avoid direct sunlight immediately following treatment. SPF 30 or higher sunscreen must be applied 10 minutes prior to sun exposure and worn everyday rain or shine
  • DO NOT USE retinol or any form of vitamin A or peeling, scrubbing or bleaching products until fully healed. Use mild products without any alcohol.
  • Pat dry instead of rubbing to prevent premature removal of crusting
  • Keep skin clean and protected to avoid infection
  • If skin becomes painful or redness persists, please contact us immediately
  • After crust sloughs off, the skin may be pink as it is fresh skin. Continue use of Eminence Rosehip and lemongrass Repair Balm for up to 6 weeks. To further speed the blending process, chemical exfoliation & enzymes may be performed. Products with Vitamin C, Glycolic/Lactic, and Vitamin A will help as well.
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